The Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS), provides advice and support to patients, their carers’ and families to raise concerns or complaints about the NHS. The project operates across Lanarkshire with Airdrie CAB as lead Bureau and PASS advisers employed by Coatbridge CAB and Clydesdale CAB. The PASS Advisers hold monthly surgeries in each of the nine Bureaux throughout North and South Lanarkshire. The service also offers information and advice on how to access health and community services that offer additional support with health care needs.

The Patient Advisers’ have experience in dealing with people who are often upset by problems affecting their health and by aspects of their care and treatment. They provide information and advice, can act in a mediatory capacity and provide one-to-one support.

The Patient Advisers receive feedback from the NHS on changes that have been made to practice(s) as a result of the complaints raised.

PASS is also a valuable resource for frontline NHS staff as it offers a wide range of support to patients in relation to health and health care, freeing up NHS staff time.

Additional information about PASS is available from Patient Advice Scotland

Fergus' story
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Client names have been changed to protect their identity.

Fergus called into bureau for assistance to raise a formal complaint. He has a bowel issue and also requires a hip replacement. He advises that his bowel surgery went ahead but due to recovery issues, his hip replacement was delayed. Fergus still hasn’t received his hip replacement and now requires further bowel surgery but he does not want to go for bowel surgery as his mobility has deteriorated so badly, he feels this must be done before his bowel surgery. Fergus feels that the hospital is not looking at him and his case as a whole but just different body parts in different departments. Client would like someone to look at his case as a whole and co-ordinate both surgeries.

Advised client of the NHS complaints procedure and of the assistance we could provide, such as drafting a letter on his behalf. Client agreed to this. Therefore, PASS adviser sent a letter of complaint to the hospital outlining all of his concerns.

Client received a full response from the hospital. The response stated that client’s surgery had been postponed several times but that they were looking at ways to reduce waiting times in order for client to receive the surgeries he requires.

Fergus is pleased he raised the issue but remains unhappy with the lack of treating him as a whole person.

As client’s mobility is so severely reduced, PASS arranged an appointment for client to have his benefits checked and a PIP application form completed.