The Project

The North Lanarkshire Community Legal Service (NLCLS), funded by the Scottish Legal Aid Board, works in partnership with Motherwell and Wishaw CAB and Lanarkshire Community Law Centre (Airdrie CAB project).

NLCLS aims to provide legal and debt advice throughout North Lanarkshire to those facing homelessness. The Project comprises of 5 services which together ensure not only the threat of homelessness is removed but also that the root causes can be addressed.

NLCLS Referral Service

NLCLS Debt Advice

NLCLS In Court Advice Service

NLCLS Simplified Procedure Service

NLCLS Solicitor

NLCLS are able to: assess eligibility to Legal Aid, refer you to our solicitor, provide full legal advice and representation, offer additional debt advice, discuss and help you plan debt solutions and negotiate with creditors.

How we helped Simon
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Client names have been changed to protect their identity.

Simon presented to the In-Court Advice Service (ICAS) seeking assistance to avoid eviction. Simon had multiple debts including over £2000 in rent arrears. Simon suffered from mental health issues and had fallen into arrears after he lost his job. Simon was not present or represented in court when decree for his eviction was granted because he had been working away from home, having not long started a new job. He was keen to stay in his home and arrange to make payment of the arrears, but he was not sure what to do. Simon had already been told to vacate his property within 14 days.

We completed an income and expenditure form with Simon and, factoring in his new weekly wage and existing labilities, worked out how much he could afford to pay towards his arrears. Simon agreed that the amount identified would be affordable.

We assisted Simon to recall the decree of eviction and advised him of the process to serve this upon his landlord. Simon returned to ICAS on the day of his hearing and we appeared on his behalf before the sheriff. We successfully requested the Sheriff continue the case to allow Simon to be referred for specialist legal and debt advice. The client’s case was continued four weeks to allow this.

Outcome: Simon was able to access specialist legal and debt advice to achieve a long term sustainable solution allowing him to remain in his home and avoid eviction.

ICAS is based at Airdrie Sheriff Court and can be reached on 01236 766712.