What our community thinks

What our community thinks

15th October 2018

All of our clients are invited to provide feedback on the service that they have received.  A selection of client comments are listed on this page.

"My problem was going for years; got fixed in 20 minutes."

"Very reliable and trusted to help with a broad spectrum of matters."

"Very Helpful, give good advice - free- service, up to date, research based, confidential, individual based."

"Very well looked after by staff, very friendly and polite."

"I have always been dealt with appropriately and with respect."

"I have lived in Airdrie most of my life and always come here with problems that I need help with and have been helped in the past."

"It’s my first time here. Everyone is nice and polite and you feel at ease."

"The best advice really good atmosphere. Very friendly people working here."

"Excellent service, staff are very good, couldn't manage without it."

"This as an excellent service for people like myself, who need help and guidance."

"The CAB is helpful when we need advice and to know our rights. We need advice and to know our rights with problems."

"A great office in Airdrie representing a wholly benign organisation."

"I have never had a problem and have went away feeling better after speaking to adviser."