Unaffordable Energy Bills

Unaffordable Energy Bills

26th January 2022

Over 380,000 people cite to Heat Homes for Unaffordable Energy Bills.

Over 380,000 people in Scotland cite their home being hard to heat as a reason for finding their energy bills unaffordable, new analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) reveals.

Polling for CAS by YouGov reveals 36 per cent of people in Scotland find their energy bills unaffordable.

Of these people, 24 per cent cite their homes being hard to heat as a reason. Based on Scotland’s population estimates of people over 18 this works out to 383,536 people.

CAS is releasing the analysis as part of Big Energy Saving Winter, a campaign encouraging people to get advice to manage increasing energy bills.

Consumers are facing soaring energy bills this year, with a further record rise in the energy price cap expected in April. An announcement of the new level of the price cap is expected in early February.

Earlier this week it was revealed inflation is running at a thirty year high.

CAS Fair Markets spokesperson Kate Morrison said:

“With 1 in 3 people finding their energy bills unaffordable, lots of us are struggling with soaring bills.

“But it’s significant that hundreds of thousands of people would identify their home being hard to heat as a reason why they are finding bills unaffordable.

“The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use – better insulated homes mean people don’t have to pay as much. It’ll also help us on the journey to net zero, as better insulated homes means lower emissions.

“CAS has been running Big Energy Saving Winter because people don’t need to feel powerless about rising energy bills. You can check advice online or through a local CAB about how to increase your income, and looks at options at how to insulate your home.”