Scottish Budget

Scottish Budget

14th February 2022

Scottish Budget: people still face a cost of living crisis.

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s announcement of £150 payments to deal with rising energy bills,

CAS Chief Executive Derek Mitchell said:

“Further support for people struggling is certainly welcome, however the stark reality is that lots of people are still going to be significantly worse off.

“The spring is going to see a cost of living crisis which will squeeze household budgets to breaking point. People are already struggling badly, with 1 in 3 of us finding bills unaffordable right now, and half a million people in Scotland cutting back on food to deal with bills.

“There are underlying factors at play here. 640,000 people would cite low incomes as a reason for unaffordable bills, while over 380,000 people would cite hard to heat homes. That’s the long term challenge for policy makers – better paying jobs, better insulated homes, and increasing our use of renewable energy.

“Across the Citizens Advice network we have seen soaring demand for energy advice. We helped over 171,000 people during the pandemic and unlocked around £147 million for people. For energy advice people who saw a gain were around £272 better off.

“So our message to people today is not to feel powerless, your local CAB can help.”