Energy Price Cap

Energy Price Cap

23rd February 2024

Citizens Advice Scotland has responded to today’s announcement by Ofgem, setting the energy price cap at £1,690.

The charity is stressing that even though prices are coming down they are still way too high for many households.

CAS Social Justice spokesperson Matthew Lee said:

“Today’s announcement has to be seen in the context of peoples’ incomes and how badly households have been battered by the cost-of-living crisis of the past 18 months.

“Even if prices are coming down they are still way too high for many people to be able to afford, particularly the many who have had to go into debt to cover their energy costs since the price surge in 2022.

“It’s important that we don’t become complacent about the lower cap. The fact is that too many people are still struggling to pay these bills, and more targeted financial support like a social tariff is needed for the most vulnerable households.”

Previous CAS research on energy affordability has found that: 

·         Nearly 3 million people report switching the heating off when it’s cold, wrapping themselves in blankets and extra layers instead.

·         1.4 million people regularly sit in the dark, with no TV or laptop/tablet on, to save on energy bills.

·         Nearly 3 million people in Scotland have cut back on food as a result of rising energy bills.

·         Tens of thousands of people in Scotland have been forced onto pay as you go energy meters against their will.

·         Over 300,000 people say they are concerned about energy debt.

·         In December the average energy debt for people seeking complex debt advice was £2,307 – up nearly £500 compared to the same time last year.

·         185,000 people say they have changed their bathing habits to save on hot water – they’re sharing bathwater or showering at work or at the gym.