About the Project

Lanarkshire Domestic Abuse Response brings together key voluntary and statutory partners to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse and their dependants across North Lanarkshire are supported to be in a home of their choice and to help them move on with their lives.

Specialist key workers offer practical and emotional support to women through their abuse experience and recovery. Specific interventions include:

  • Issue of GPS Alarm
  • Emotional and practical support, including safety planning.
  • Housing and Welfare advice, providing 1 to 1 expert advice and
  • support in relation to housing, debts and benefits specifically around the complexities of domestic abuse cases. Airdrie CAB houses 1 full time adviser.
  • Qualified holistic therapists provide complementary and alternative therapies to aid recovery and improve health.

The Project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund until 30th November 2017.

How we helped Morag
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Client names have been changed to protect their identity

Morag is mother with 3 children under 16; they were living in a mortgaged home and had fled a domestic abuse situation. Morag suffered from both physical and mental health issues which were related to the years of abuse. She was referred to the service by NHS services who were concerned that the client was unable to cope due to financial issues. Morag was unable to work due to health conditions.

We provided Morag with ongoing moral and practical support over a 12 month period. Benefit entitlement was identified and assistance provided to make all benefit applications, ensuring all entitlements awarded.  In additional our client received energy assistance that resulted in the client receiving a Warm Home discount of £140 from her energy supplier.

Energy Advice

In addition, client received energy assistance that resulted in Morag receiving a Warm Home discount of £140 from her energy supplier and an award for a grant for   gas and electricity debt.

Financial Education

Due to years of financial abuse Morag felt incapable of taking responsibility for utilities. Intensive financial education and debt advice provided to client and all outstanding debts addressed. Regular review support provided.


Morag is now living independently with her 3 children. Is managing her finances and has advised that she no longer lives in fear of her ex partner. She feels empowered and able to sustain her independence.    

Total Client Financial Gain to date - £32,925.30