Clients who visit bureaux about housing problems will have many different types of housing status. A person’s rights will depend on the type of housing status they have.

There are many circumstances in which people can find themselves without a home or about to lose their home. When people picture a homeless person, they often think of someone sleeping rough, perhaps with a drink or mental health problem.

In reality, homelessness can affect a whole range of people, including:

  • people living in unsuitable accommodation
  • people living in temporary accommodation
  • people leaving institutions such as hospital, prison or the armed services
  • young people leaving social work care
  • people who have mental health issues
  • people affected by threats of violence or harassment

It can be caused by a range of factors that people commonly face; for example, loss of a job, debt or relationship breakdown.

Neighbour disputes involve two people, or two groups of people, who live close together but who disagree about an issue that affects them both/all. Disagreements can be about a wide range of issues.

Free online housing advice and self-help is available from Citizens Advice