Citizens Advice Bureaux can provide a wealth of information on schooling such as children's rights to education. This includes early learning and childcare for pre-school children, excluded pupils, children who are ill or disabled or with additional support needs.  We can also advise about the different types of schools, how to choose a school and school qualifications and review processes, home education and what to do about problems at school such as truancy and bullying. 

We can also provide advice on education choices for further and higher education and give you advice on financial help that is available. 

Our extensive information system has details on organisations that give information and advice on education issues. This includes support to parents and children, supervisory and standard setting bodies and organisations for children with additional support needs.  In addition we can advise about discrimination by education providers like schools, colleges and universities - how to identify discrimination in education and what you can do about it.

Free online advice and self-help on Education is available from Citizens Advice