Beyond the Screen

Beyond the Screen

Airdrie CAB is committed to the Scottish Governments objectives to a digitally smarter Scotland. We have signed the Digital Participation Charter and are committed to support our staff and volunteers maximise digital skills and apply digital innovation. We seek to support our communities build their digital skills and empower them to use all that the digital world has to offer.

We are delighted to launch our ‘Beyond the Screen’ project with the support of funding awarded under the Digital Participation Charter Fund supported by the Scottish Government and BT.  With development of ‘digital by default’ systems such as universal credit, and many services moving to online services, digital capability has never been more important to tackle poverty, isolation and disadvantage facing communities. Beyond the Screen aims to make the large and expansive digital world seem that much smaller – increasing confidence of communities with skills to use and enjoy all the wold-wide-web has to offer.

We will introduce communities to practical digital applications from applying for welfare benefits to carrying out web searches, understanding safe browsing and taking advantage of Apps and their ease of uses in a range of matters from travelling to managing budgets, accessing information and simply keeping in touch with families.

We are also committed to ensure front line workers within our partner organisations are aware of up to date digital developments and confident in directing communities to maximise use of them.

Our excellent team are excited to evolve our communities digital participation. Watch this space as the project progress and we share case studies of our digital transformation journey….


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